How do I return an item?

  • Before returning an item please contact us at 210-446-0888
  • Returning orders WITHOUT contacting Smeding Diesel may delay or Cancel the return. 
  • All returns are subjected to a 20% restocking fee and  shipping charges if applicable. These charges cannot be waived.
  • All items must be within 14  days of purchase. 
  • Opened, installed, or used items are not accepted for returns.
  • Modified or items that have been altered will not be accepted for returned.
  • We are not responsible for return shipping damage.  
  • SMEDING DIESEL has the right to deny return requests. 

Steps to returning an item.
  • Contact us at 210-446-0888  Have your order number ready when calling. 
  • Place a copy of your invoice in the return shipment. 
  • Properly package all items to ensure they do not get damaged during shipment.
Smeding Diesel
Att: Returns
28875 Interstate 10w
Boerne, TX 78006

  • Be sure your carrier offers tracking numbers. 
  • Contact us once delivery is confirmed so we can begin return process, if we are not contacted Item can be lost and Return will no longer be available.  
  • Once delivered, returned funds should be expected within 5-15 business days. 



Smeding Diesel develops and manufactures turbochargers for the diesel performance industry. Throughout the design, validation, and manufacturing process Smeding Diesel turbochargers are tailored to the high performance diesel community. Smeding Diesel stands behind its line of turbochargers and is confident that when integrated in the appropriate application they will live a long and successful life. Smeding Diesel also understands that the high performance industry will inherently push hardware to its failure point. Turbochargers carry a ONE YEAR, UNLIMITED MILES (1 yr/Unlimited mile) nontransferable, limited parts only replacement Warranty. This Warranty shall not apply to any turbo that has been improperly stored or installed. This Warranty shall not apply to misapplication, improper operating conditions, accidents, or neglect. This Warranty shall not apply to a turbo that has been improperly repaired, maintained and/or altered by the owner or his technician. Damage due to plugged oil return lines, thrust bushing/bearing damage due to excessive turbo speed, and/or insufficient/improper oil supply is not covered under this warranty. This warranty does not cover a failure resulting from foreign objects (debris). However, in the event of a failure, Smeding Diesel will inspect the turbo for damage and charge the consumer only for hard parts replaced


Smeding diesel is not responsible for labor cost, tow bills or damage that may have been caused by a suspected failed Smeding diesel product and/or improper installation.
It is the customer’s responsibility to ship any warranty claims to Smeding Diesel at their expense. Smeding Diesel will cover UPS ground charges (within the continental united states) to ship back to customer’s. Any expedited shipping charges will not be covered by Smeding diesel and is the customer’s responsibility If any unit should come in and test within spec regardless of warranty or no warranty the customer will be charged $25-$35 bench fee.




1. Inspect the intake and exhaust system leading to and from the
turbocharger to ensure they are free of debris. Small particles can cause
severe damage at high speeds
2. Use new gaskets at all air, oil, and exhaust connections.
3. Use high temperature anti-seize compound on all threaded fasteners
connected to the turbocharger
4. Ensure drain port tilt is no more than 20 degrees from the bottom center
in either direction. Excessive tilt can create leakage on both the turbine
and compressor seals
5. Fill the oil inlet port with clean engine oil before connecting the oil feed
hose to the turbocharger
6. If the clamp tabs or V-band are loosened for orientation of the
compressor cover or turbine housing, be certain that the mating flanges
are tightly reseated, and that the fasteners are retightened. Complete the
orientation of the cover and housing before making any rigid connections
to the compressor inlet or outlet: this will make certain that all piping
aligns with the turbocharger: this will ensure the external stresses on the
turbocharger are minimal.
7. Before connecting the oil drain hose, crank the engine without starting it
until a steady stream of oil flows from the drain port
8. Operate the engine at low idle for at least three minutes after completing
the installation of any turbocharger. This will prevent oil starvation
damage to the bearing system and will tend to purge any residual
contaminates from the bearings housing.

An analysis of turbochargers indicated that approximately 40% of the failures
are due to foreign material going through either the turbine or the compressor.
An additional 40% are due to lubrication issues. The remaining 20% are of a
miscellaneous nature. Some of the foreign material damage is the result of
pieces of burned or broken valves, improperly installed gaskets, casting fins that
may break out of the manifold, pieces of the air cleaner, and in small cases nuts
or bolts that were dropped into the intake system. Undersized or plugged oil
lines are the most common lubrication issue. It is essential to have an adequate
supply of oil at full engine oil pressure.


If warranty is required, and the customer has reviewed the check list and understands the warranty. Customer must complete the following procedure:


1.    Call Smeding Diesel and Confirm that it is a warranty issue.

2.    Send pictures of turbo installed on the vehicle and provide pictures of oil feed and drain lines installed on the turbo

3.    Remove turbo and ship back to Smeding diesel (Make sure the turbo is safely packaged up, Smeding diesel is not responsible for shipping damages) DO NOT USE BUBBLE WRAP OR PACKING PEANUTS

4.    Include a printed copy of your original emailed invoice with the turbo. Be sure an up to date phone number is written on the invoice.

5.    Follow your tracking number and CALL SMEIDING DIESEL when it shows the package was delivered.

6.    Once Smeding diesel has received the turbo, please allows 24-72 hours for the repairs